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What We Do

We look at your brand from all angles.


Framelines has an extensive background in video.  We can create a montage of new inventory in your shop or concept a commercial. 

Creative Services

What's next? Reach out today and book a consult with us.  We'll learn where you're coming from n' help you decide where you need to go!

Lifestyle & Product

This can be a mix of stills and motion. Lets show your potential customers and clients what they might look and feel like once they've made the choice to go with what you have to offer.


Professional's Headshots
Formal Portraits



Food & Product

Vincent looooves to shoot food because it's so challenging. It is  artistically satisfying and can radically alter the way a restaurant or product is perceived.  

Medium Format

Packages Starting at $1500.

What To Expect

We are very friendly. Even this little girl liked working with us.

Friendly Customer Service

When we speak, we will ask you about your project and budget. Our first goal is to make sure that you are comfortable with the money stuff. Once we have achieved that- it's time to get excited, make a plan, and shoot! 


If you want branding or campaign development assistance, we can dive in together and hone the stories your brand wants to tell. If you already know more or less what you are after, we will make a shot list.

We are low-budget creative, understand the plight of new and small businesses, & also very prepared to work for those that are focused on top-notch quality.

Lets make something together

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