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Who Are We?


Myra and Vincent were best friends for 20 years who suddenly, one day, realized their soulmate had been in front of them all along (well one of them suddenly realized, the other may have suspected this for some time).  The lifelong friends/newlyweds have combined their varied life and professional experience to offer Framelines Creative.

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Vincent Wrenn, a 2nd generation Cinematographer, obsessed with light, has spent his life with the moving image.  He has honed an ability to adeptly evoke emotion with distinct audiences in mind. Still photography has long been a passion and proven to be a natural professional outgrowth. Whether it's in motion or one frame at a time, Vincent will help find your brand’s story. 

Restauranteurs- Vincent wants you to know that he Looooves shooting food.  Manufacturing small batch products? He wants to create a look irresistible enough to make’m stop scrolling and click.

Myra Spence is a serial entrepreneur with a special knack for the start-up phase. In her consulting & coaching practice where she kicks ass (not her words, that’s just what they say) she uses a psychology-based business approach, guiding her clients through their marketing efforts while educating them on the important underpinnings of “getting into heads and hearts” at every step. Framelines, often servicing her coaching clients, satisfies her artistic side. She can put to use her keen eye for detail and design, and her understanding that a product is only ever as strong in the marketplace as people perceive it to be.


Vincent, crazy about his wife, wants a commute that doesn’t include an airplane or hours in the car.  As a result, Framelines Creative has a local focus on Ventura and the surrounding area. 


Together this team will treat your baby like it's their own, putting your wants and the product’s needs first at every turn.  

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