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Vincent began learning to tell stories with a camera on film sets in Texas with his father. After school he spent years focusing primarily on the art & craft of shaping light, he began shooting in the late ‘90’s, making the move west in 2000.



“Basically, I play with light.”


With a lifetime of documentary and narrative filmmaking, Vincent decided to complement a vocation that almost exclusively requires travel with an endeavor closer to home, which has long been Ventura, CA.


Vincent's experienced eye and dexterity allows him to shoot across different genres and formats keeping his work varied and rewarding. 


When working with Vincent, a shoot may be lit solely by God’s yellow ball in the sky (positioning camera and subject ever so) or with a collection of lights that came off a film set. 


“I’ve never used a flash in my life.”


He works closely with a few local artists to collaborate on larger projects and when styling is needed. 


It’s apparent that Vincent is always looking at life through the lens.  He has garnered a reputation with repeat clients for consistently striking a balance that finds the nuance between selling the product and preserving the art.


He will always be telling stories, whether it be twenty-four or one frame at a time. 

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