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It's a Family Affair - 


A family portrait can be serious business, a ton of fun & ideally bit of both. This is a deliberate process.  I’m uninterested in just showing up n’ winging it. That said, you won’t need to bust out the smoking jackets and dust off the shoulder high hearth.  I’d like to meet with you and discuss what you imagine or brainstorm together to come up with an idea you love. Taking a look at where you see the finished piece being displayed can be helpful.  Let’s find the ideal setting for the shoot, either in your home or out in the world.  

After we’ve found a location we love,  decided on wardrobe and format, we’ll gather for a relaxed yet focussed day of photography.  We’ll assess what’s needed to achieve capturing something that will hang on your wall for the next…


Starting at $1500

It's a Family Affair

  • Provided upon request at additional fee.

  • 100% refund with 48hr notice

     50% refund with 24hr notice

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